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In today's world, successful organizations must have the flexibility and responsiveness demanded by their clients.  Communicating remotely and managing multiple sites as one unified entity is key. All too often that only increases complexity in your organization, and your effectiveness suffers as a result. With IRU Networks’ data connectivity you can be assured of a quality, robust network that meets your needs.

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Server Installation
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Internet Access


Dedicated Internet Service (DIA) delivers a dedicated and permanent access to the Internet across the U.S. You can be sure that you’ll always get high speed access that’s backed by quality support and demanding SLAs.

Ethernet Services


Ethernet Services are ideal for interconnecting your Local Area Networks (LAN) in a cost effective and secure manner. They are fast to deploy, easy to manage and very flexible so that adding extra bandwidth or connecting new sites is quite straightforward. 

Private Line


Private line services provide scalable connectivity for your important business communications with multiple configuration options. Your business gets reliable transport connectivity for voice, video or data applications for all your site locations. 

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