IRU Ethernet Services


Cost-effective communication across multiple sites


IRU Ethernet Services are ideal for interconnecting your Local Area Networks (LAN) in a cost effective and secure manner, no matter where they are located. They are fast to deploy, easy to manage and very flexible so that adding extra bandwidth or connecting new sites is quite straightforward. Our advanced networking technology also means that you benefit from guaranteed high performance and low latency allowing you to consolidate all your data, voice and video traffic onto a single platform.


Our wide range of our Ethernet Services means that they can be tailored to your specific business needs and organizational structure whether those extend intrastate or nationally. They can also be coupled with other elements of the IRU portfolio in a seamless way should your future business requirements demand this.


Once set up, you will benefit from the most extensive Ethernet coverage in the United States, backed up by a full range of support services and a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA). Meanwhile, we have forged strong relationships with over Tier 2 providers across the country, giving us the ability to reach beyond our own network and connect you anywhere.


IRU Ethernet Services comprise two product lines, Ethernet Acess and Ethernet Private Network supporting a range of topologies that can be matched to specific business needs:


Ethernet Private Network

Ethernet Private Line

Point-to-point services offering simple site to site connectivity

Ethernet Multi-Site Access

Hub & Spoke (E-Access) services offering connectivity from multiple sites to a central ‘hub’


E-LAN Link

Ethernet LAN

Any to Any services offering multi-site VPN connectivity on a peer to peer basis

Ethernet QOS

Tree  services offering multi-site connectivity with defined business rules