Ethernet Private Network Technical


Smart simplicity that puts you in control


Ethernet Private Network enable you avoid technological conflicts and expensive downtime whilst you benefit from a fast, scalable and robust network: One which ensures that each of your sites is part of a single, seamless network.


The IRU Ethernet Virtual Private Network offering supports any-to-any connectivity, allowing you to configure your network to suit your needs.  Each office can communicate with any other office, and because it’s an Ethernet service, any Ethernet frame that enters the network at one site can be delivered to another in an instant.


The bandwidth options of an Ethernet Virtual Private Network are totally flexible: IRU ensures that you can increase your bandwidth from 100Mbps to 10Gbps in small steps, and IRU offers Class of Service to ensure your applications can operate efficiently and your business performs.


Resilience, security and performance are vital issues and because IRU Ethernet is delivered over dedicated protected infrastructure you can be sure of all three.